Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

   I would like to wish each one of you a Happy New Year and a wonderful and very creative 2012! In general, I have a lot of plans for this year but we will see what I manage to do out of all these projects I have in mind.
Lord of the Rings
   This year I will try to complete my Gondor Army (a lot of miniatures will be converted to Clansmen of Lamedon, Axemen of Lossarnach, Osgiliath Veterans, etc) as well as to add some evil creatures to my Mordor warbands.
Operation Squad
   I have also in my mind for this year to play some more "Operation Squad" skirmish WW2 battles. Next time I participate in one of these I will take some photos to post. I want also to finish my Russian Sailors "Black Death" squad. They are just "Black" after the priming at the moment.  
   I plan to order the rulebook from GB and to convince a friend of mine to play some games. I am thinking to use miniatures from the LotR. We will see how and if this works. So far, I just registered to Saga Forum, I read and visit other people's blogs.
   I want to create some more terrain pieces for my games such as stone blocks, ruins, trees, buildings, etc. All these I will do step by step so that photos and posts will cover the process.
   Finally, I would like to thank Chris, Guard of Mardat and Elhion for following this blog. A real and warm welcome!  
   By the way visitors' pageviews passed 1000. It is encouraging for me to continue. That's it. Stay tuned.

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