Monday, February 11, 2019

The Battle of Barazinbar Deeps

   This was our first battle of 2019, the Battle of Barazinbar. Durin and his brave dwarves fought against Balrog, trolls, bats and Goblins.
   The Good force consisted of Durin, Mardin, a Dwarf Captain, twenty four warriors, two banner bearers, nine Khazad Guards, six Iron guards, three Vault Warden teams, two ballistae and twelve rangers. 
   The Evil force consisted of Balrog, two Cave Trolls, three Giant Bats, two Goblin captains, two Shamans, forty eight Goblins, six Prowlers, two Goblin drummers and the Goblin drum.
   There were no objectives. 
   At the beginning of the game the good players kept twelve Dwarves as a reinforcement team and placed all the rest warriors and three mirrors on the table. The evil players kept all their force as reinforcements apart from Balrog. They placed also three secret entrances of Moria everywhere they wished on the table.  

Dwarf warriors and the ballistae

The rest warriors, a Captain, Mardin and Durin

The Vault Warden teams and the Khazad Guards

The Dwarf Rangers, the Banner bearers and the Iron Guards

The good side of the table

Another view

The good side of the table, the mirrors and the Dwarves

A view from Balrog's side

The anti-tank obstacles are the impassable chasm

The Goblin drum, the Prowlers and Goblins with spears

Goblins with bows and swords

The Cave Trolls, the Shamans, the Captains and the Giant bats

The Secret Entrances of Moria

The Evil side of the table

Another view

The dwarves take positions

The ballistae on high ground

The Vault Warden teams take position


The rest of the evil force appears

from the South 

The view from the South 

The Goblins are so many!

The Dwarves are ready to defend 

while Durin, Mardin and the Khazad guards 

fight against Balrog.

   The good players were extremely lucky. During the dice rolls Balrog threw four dice, but he had a "6" only once at the third turn. That turn Balrog's four attacks killed four Khazad guards! Unfortunately for the evil players, Balrog was trapped. So, he suffered double wounds and as a result was losing three of his ten lives during each turn of the battle.
   The other strong evil warriors were the trolls because of their strength and the bats because of their four lives. During a turn the dwarves faced one giant bat and the dice roll of the good player was three "6" and one "5"!     

So, the giant bat ended up among the first casualties

The Dwarf Captain fights against the Cave Troll

The Iron Guards managed to hold all the right flank

The rangers tried hard to hold the troll

Balrog was trapped almost every turn

Khazad guards as "Bodyguards" had no problem to attack Balrog every turn

Durin needed three"4" to take the last three lives of Balrog  

He had the two "4" and used all his three "Might" points for the third  

After that Troll had no luck against Durin and Mardin

Goblins had to take Courage tests 

Every turn the Goblins were less and less

even with the help of the drum they had.

The end!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Some more Secret Entrances of Moria

   Soon my friends and I, we are going to play a Lord of the Ring game, the "Battle of Barazinbar Deeps". The scenario of this battle says that the evil player positions three Secret Entrances of Moria anywhere on the battlefield. Though I have three Secret Entrances I decided to make three more, which at the end of the game I will give to one of my fellow players.
  It is easy to make this type of terrain pieces. I used parts of a plastic box of cotton buds, a white foam tray, blue foam, acrylic putty, pins, white cardboard, white glue, sand, parts of old plastic sprues and static grass.

   Below you can see how I made these entrances, step by step:

White foam tray, parts of the cotton buds box and parts of old sprues

I used white glue and let them all night to dry

The frames of the entrances

Blue foam

I dug some holes in the blue foam board to place the frames

Fitting well!

I used a black pen to draw the stone tiles of the frames

Then I glued them on white cardboard bases

I covered the blue foam with acrylic putty

I painted them black and then black-grey, 

neutral grey,

and light grey.

The "metallic" parts Gunmetal metal and orange for the rust. 

A Grim Hammer for comparison!


   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

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