Monday, January 16, 2023

Bolt Action Battle Report

   It must have been more than six months since the last time we had a Bolt Action battle! For this reason we decided to play with small armies of 500 points in order to recall the rules.

   We are somewhere in the eastern front. The Soviets try to free a Russian village from the Germans. The Soviet army consists of seven units while the German of five.

The village

The church

The Red Army seven units

NCO and sailors

Submachine guns squad

Officer and sniper teams

NKVD squad

The Commissar's team and the Inexperienced squad

The German officer

SS squad and MMG team

The second SS squad

and the sniper team.

   Below you can see some moments of the battle. The battle was balanced but at the end the Soviets managed to win due to their numbers and the bad luck with the dice of the "German" player. Too many 1s and 2s!

Close quarter fighting

   I am happy because as I told you, we finally managed to play after so many months. And not only this. This time we played with the entire armies consisted of painted miniatures. No grey or black soldiers!

   Next time I will publish a post about the Russian church.

   That's all for today! Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Soviet Artillery, Richtis Gorge and Napoleon's House at Ierapetra

    Happy new year!

   This is my first post of 2023 and I will start with my two Soviet artillery pieces. First, the 45mm anti-tank gun model 1937. It had the nickname sorokapyatka (copoкaпяткa), which means the "little forty-five". Mikhail Loginov was the designer of this light quick-firing anti-tank gun. Below you can see the gun with its commander and two crew members.

45mm Anti-Tank Gun

   Next is the famous ZIS-3, the 76mm divisional field gun M1942. ЗиС-3 stands for "Zavod imeni Stalina" meaning factory named after Stalin. More than 100.000 guns were produced the period 1941-1945. It was in service in Croatian Army till 1990! Below you can see the gun, its commander and two crew members.

ZIS-3 76mm Divisional Gun

   Recently, my wife and I visited the Richtis gorge in Lasithi prefecture of Crete. The length of the route is roughly 3 km. The highlight of the gorge is its beautiful waterfall with a height more than 20m and the pond where someone can have a dive.

The waterfall and its pond

"You shall not pass!"

   In May of 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte departed from Toulon to conduct his three-years  campaign in Egypt and Syria. During his trip to Alexandria it is believed that he stopped in the city of Ierapetra in Lasithi, where he spend a night in this house.


My wife is not so tall just the door is lower than normal! 

   That's all for today! Stay tuned for more!

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