Thursday, June 9, 2016

Telegraph posts

   Some more terrain pieces are ready, telegraph posts this time. Easy to make!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Arnor raid

   Recently I found some photos of a battle we had fought more than a year ago. It was fun! I will  try to write down what I remember from that day.  
   First of all let's see the two armies. The good army consisted of 70 miniatures.
Good heroes: Boromir, Beregond, Prince Imrahil and Cirion.
Good warriors: 24 warriors of Minas Tirith, 16 bowmen of Minas Tirith, 14 knights of Dol Amroth  and 12 Osgiliath veterans.
All together were 1014 points.
The evil army consisted of 52 miniatures.
Evil heroes: Gulavhar, the Terror of Arnor, Shade, an orc captain, and an Angmar orc shaman.
Evil warriors: 8 riders of the Dead, 8 warriors of the Dead, 12 warg riders, 12 orc warriors and 8 trackers.
All together were also 1014 points.
   On the battlefield there were three small terrain pieces as objectives. The one who controlled all three of them at the end of the game was the winner. 
   Special rule: For each warg rider that was slain during the fight the player rolled a die at the end of the turn. At a 5 or 6 the warg rider appeared at the battlefield out of the Lions fontain. At a 1, 2, 3 or 4 he was considered a casualty. The same rule we followed for the orc warriors but they appeared out of one of the three secret entrances. While the riders of the Dead and the warriors of the Dead emerged out of the altar. As long as a good miniature touched one of the above terrain pieces the evil player could not use it.  
If you combine this rule with the special rule "Fury" of the shaman and the "Immortal Hunger" of Gulavhar you will see that though the good miniatures are more in quantity, the evil can be endless!

The battlefield from the evil side

and from the good side.

Bottom left are Imrahil's knights and bottom right Cirion's veterans

   Below you can see with yellow color the three objectives and with red color from top to bottom, the Lions fontain, the three secret entrances and the altar.

   Good forces deployment, first Beregond's bowmen and Boromir's warriors:

Beregond and Boromir

and what they see.

   Prince Imrahil's knights:

   And Cirion's Osgiliath veterans:

   Evil forces deployment, first shaman's riders:

Orc shaman

   The trackers on the top of the two towers: 

   Orc captain's warriors:

   Gulavhar and the riders of the Dead:

   Shade and the warriors of the Dead:

   Warg riders against Boromir's and Beregond's men at the left side of the table:

   Trackers on both towers and orc captain's warriors at the center of the table:

   Shade, Gulavhar, riders and warriors of the Dead against Imrahil's and Cirion's men at the right side of the table: 

   And the battle begins: 



Good forces "Marshal"!

   Boromir's and Beregond's men easily won the battle at the left side of the table and reached the Lions fontain and the first objective.

Boromir against the shaman


   In the meanwhile Imrahil's men defeated the orc captain's warriors even though the latter had the help from the warg riders that survived from Boromir.

Imrahil against the orc captain

   After that, Gulavhar with the riders and the warriors of the Dead entered the fight: 

   Gulavhar was not so lucky. He was cut out from his men and therefore was an easy prey for Cirion and his veterans. That was a great loss for the evil force.

Gulavhar's last stand


The first objective is secured by the good forces

Beregond fights for the second objective

A secret entrance at the hands of the good forces 

Boromir and Imrahil reach the third objective at the altar

Last reinforcements for the evil force

The second objective is secured

The first objective

The Lions fontain

The second objective

The third objective

   We stopped at this point, since it was a matter of time for the two strong good heroes to get the third and final objective. All four heroes of the evil force were dead. Somewhere at the mayhem of the battle Imrahil killed Shade and if I remember well Cirion died while he was surrounded and trapped by riders and warriors of the Dead.

   Celebrations here in Andalucia have big delicious paellas (rice with seafood) and cold cervezas (beers)!

    That's it for today! Stay tuned for more! 
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