Monday, February 6, 2023

Soviet Light Machine Gun (LMG) Squads

   The DP-27/DP-28 was the primary light machine gun of the Red Army during WW2. It had a rate of fire of 550rpm, which was low as compared to its main wartime rivals, the German MG-34/MG-42. These German light machine guns had a rate of 800-1500rpm and because of this the German army special rule in Bolt Action allows them to fire one extra shot, five shots in total instead of four shots of the Soviet LMGs. 

   My army has two LMG squads. Each of them consists of twelve men, which are one NCO armed with submachine gun, two soldiers with LMGs, two loaders and seven riflemen. Some of the miniatures are metal of the Red Army box while the rest are plastic of the Soviet Infantry box. Both boxes are Warlord Games products.

LMG Squad "A"

The NCOs of the two squads

LMGs of Squad "A"

Squad "A"

LMG Squad "B"

LMGs of Squad "B"

Squad "B"

    My Red Army box had double miniatures of two riflemen. Also, it had another rifleman with a beard. So, in order to avoid having two couples of the same miniatures I gave to one rifleman of each couple a beard.

The original soldier with a beard

The first couple

The second

   That's all for today! Stay tuned for more!
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