Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anatolian Shepherd and sheep

   "Sheep are coming soon!" I wrote three weeks ago as a caption of the Cote last photo. Not so soon of course, but here they are at last. Every flock of sheep needs a dog, so, after a quick search on the internet I found a photo of an Anatolian Shepherd. The best breed for the job! The dog model is a GW miniature from "Farmer Maggot and hounds" box set.

The flock and the dog

The basing

A real Anatolian Shepherd

It is a wild dog! Isn't it?

Now, I need a shepherd!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!
   Grigork, welcome on board!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stone walls

   Stone walls are terrain pieces that match every game. I had some leftovers from the Barn and the Cote, so I decided to use them for a stone wall. The construction was very easy. The materials I used were: foam board 1 cm, balsa wood lanes 1 cm from a 1 mm sheet, white glue, wood putty, gel power glue, rocks, static grass, and MDF pieces for the bases.

The stone walls

   First I cut four pieces from the foam board, approximately 8 - 14 cm long,  because that were the dimension  of the MDF pieces I had. 

A warlord for comprehension of the walls scale

   I drew the stones on the foam board by using a pen with a long tip. Actually, I pressed so hard the pen on the foam that I made grooves on it.

The pen

The result

   After that, I glued the foam board pieces on the MDF bases. I used 1 cm balsa wood lanes for the coping stones. I made grooves vertically on the balsa woods to separate the coping stones and I glued them on the top of the walls.

  Then I covered the MDF bases with wood putty and stuck there some rocks. I painted everything black and highlighted the walls and the rocks with black grey, neutral grey and light grey gradually. I painted the soil with burnt umber and highlighted with USA tan-earth and dark sand, as usually! Finally, I glued some static grass here and there.

   I can use the walls separately, in pairs or all together as a corner stone wall.

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!
   Phil, welcome on board!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


   This model is a Renedra ramshackle barn. It is a piece that fits in every historical period as   the cote does, my previous terrain piece. If someone wants, he can easily cut the barn doors and windows and stick them in the open position. I didn't do it, I left the model as it is. Just I didn't glue the roof, so that the warriors can have access to the interior of the building. 

   I glued the model on a piece of MDF. I covered the soil with wood putty and stuck little rocks and static grass. The kit comes with some extra parts on its frames; two ladders, two pitch forks and a cart wheel. I used only one of the ladders and one of the pitch forks. I added a small barrel instead of the rest.

   I painted the barn cork brown Vallejo 843 and after that, I gave it a wash with army painter strong tone.

The barn is ready for washing

   I followed the same steps as I did with the cote and the final result is more or less the same. So, they match each other and I can use both of them simultaneously in a future game.   

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!
   "collect and paint figures 1:72", welcome on board!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


   A cote model is one of these type of terrain pieces that fit in every historical period, while it is proper for fantasy games as well. Building of a 28mm cote does not demand a lot.

   Materials and tools: balsa woods, white glue, a mechanical pencil, a ruler, an eraser, a 10x10mm MDF, rocks, gel power glue, static grass, sand, brushes and colours. 

   I cut a 3x3mm square balsa wood in pieces. Seven pieces of 2cm to use them as supporters of the fence. Two of 3cm and two of 3.5cm to use them as the vertical girders of the shelter and two of 6cm as the horizontal beams. I also cut 10cm thin lanes of a 1mm balsa sheet for the fence, 2cm for the cote door and 5cm for the roof of the shelter. To glue the balsa woods I used gel power glue. It sticks hard and fast and is not absorbed by the wood as the liquid type of power glue. Below you can see all these balsa woods transforming into the cote step by step: 

Fence and shelter under construction.

Shelter is done.

Fence is done, as well.

The trough is formed out of a 5mm square balsa wood. 

I used the mechanical pencil to make the grooves of the wooden roof.

Rocks, sand, and a hayfork. "Glue 'em all"

"Black 'em all"

   I painted the woods with cork brown V843, the rocks neutral grey V992, while for painting of the soil I used burnt umber gouache. Then, I highlighted the soil with USA tan-earth V874 and after that with dark sand V847. Finally, I highlighted the rocks with white V951. The fork of the hayfork is painted gunmetal metal 72054.

   I washed everything with Army Painter strong tone and glued the static grass as the final touch!

Sheep are coming soon!

   That's it for today! Enjoy!

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