Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stone walls

   Stone walls are terrain pieces that match every game. I had some leftovers from the Barn and the Cote, so I decided to use them for a stone wall. The construction was very easy. The materials I used were: foam board 1 cm, balsa wood lanes 1 cm from a 1 mm sheet, white glue, wood putty, gel power glue, rocks, static grass, and MDF pieces for the bases.

The stone walls

   First I cut four pieces from the foam board, approximately 8 - 14 cm long,  because that were the dimension  of the MDF pieces I had. 

A warlord for comprehension of the walls scale

   I drew the stones on the foam board by using a pen with a long tip. Actually, I pressed so hard the pen on the foam that I made grooves on it.

The pen

The result

   After that, I glued the foam board pieces on the MDF bases. I used 1 cm balsa wood lanes for the coping stones. I made grooves vertically on the balsa woods to separate the coping stones and I glued them on the top of the walls.

  Then I covered the MDF bases with wood putty and stuck there some rocks. I painted everything black and highlighted the walls and the rocks with black grey, neutral grey and light grey gradually. I painted the soil with burnt umber and highlighted with USA tan-earth and dark sand, as usually! Finally, I glued some static grass here and there.

   I can use the walls separately, in pairs or all together as a corner stone wall.

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!
   Phil, welcome on board!


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