Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Secret Entrances of Moria

   The Secret entrances are outlets for flood water that provide Goblins sneaky ways to infiltrate Khazad-dum. Once per turn, the evil player rolls a d6 dice for every secret entrance. For every score of '6', a Goblin warrior appears through one of the secret entrances. The only way for the Dwarves to avoid the Goblin reinforcments is to be on top of every secret entrance.  

   To make three secret entrances, I used the following materials: a plastic box of cotton buds, a blue foam super market tray pack, DOW insulation foam, wood putty, pins, white glue and a hard paper sheet.
   Below I will try to explain what I did step by step.
   Firstly, I cut one side of the box to make the three "metal" covers. 

The drawing for the covers

The three covers

   Next, I cut three pieces of the blue foam to stick the covers on them. I used the blue foam because it easily imitates stone.

The row of the materials

   I made a hole in the centre of each of the dow pieces and then stuck them on the paper with white glue and left them for a night.

   The next day I stuck the blue foam and covered the dow with wood putty. I also drilled small holes on the covers for the pins.

   I painted the holes black, stuck the covers and put the pins on their places.

   Next thing was to paint everything black and leave them for a night to rest!

   Next morning the entrances were ready for the highlights. 

neutral grey

neutral grey + white

flat earth

green grey


   Finally, I painted the covers 'gunmetal metal', added some drops of 'orange fire' here and there and washed with 'black brown'.

The final result

A Goblin for comparison to the entrances

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!


  1. clever idea. they really look great!

  2. They are just wonderful, what a superb piece of scratch building.

  3. Hi Dramatickatastases, you may have been like me an just never put the award up on your frontpage, but I've 'awarded' you a Liebster. work on your blog - I always enjoy seeing your stuff and often stop by to look.

    1. Thank you so much, Jamie! I am honoured! Especially, the knowledge that someone visits my blog often pleases me the most!


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