Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dwarves vs Isengard LotR SBG Battle.

    A few photos of a Lord of the Ring SBG fight between the Dwarf Holds and the evil army of Isengard.
   The Dwarf army consists of four heroes (Balin, Mardin, Murin and Drar), one banner-bearer, Khazad Guards, Iron Guards, Vault Wardens, Warriors, Archers and Rangers. 

      The Isengard army consists of four heroes (Sharku, Gorbag and two Uruk-hai Captains), three banner-bearers, Berserkers, Uruk-hai Warriors, Pikemen, Crossbowmen, Orc Warriors and Warg Riders.

   The fight was a simple 'kill them all' scenario. It was impossible for my Dwarves to have the initiative and attack to such a huge army.  In addition, enemy cavalry was a big problem because there was always a possibility to surround my warriors. What I needed was a tight defensive line. So, I retreated to the corner of the table and my Dwarves formed a ''Γ'' shape line. There, I decided to hold a static position and to wait the waves (black arrows) of the attackers. The two black sides of the hill were impassable terrain.
The enemy waves.

Balin's Courage helped a lot during Courage Tests.

The survivors of the battle.

A Pyrrhic victory!

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