Friday, September 16, 2011

Dunlending Chariots

   WI issue 276 (Oct '10) main theme "The Chariot Wars. Wargaming at the dawn of history" was a great inspiration for me. Since the moment I read it, I decided to add some chariots to my armies. Unfortunately, the only chariots of LotR middle-earth armies are Khandish Chariots, but I didn't and still don't have any Khandish Warrior. On the other hand, I had plenty of Rohan warriors, whom I had already decided to convert to Dunlending Huscarls to enrich my Isengard army. So, a couple of them became Dunlending charioteers!

Dunlending Chariot 1

Dunlending Chariot 2

   A few words about the conversion. The horses are Rohan Riders' plastic horses without the Riders of course! The harness and the whip came from the type of wire which is covered with green plastic and we use in gardens. The chariot wagon is made of balsa wood. I stuck an orc's quiver on each chariot wagon. Finaly, the wheels came from a 1/72 plastic napoleonic cannon.
   The Dunlending Chariots haven't participated in a game so far, neither in a WotR, nor in a LotR. But, when one fine day I put them on the tabletop I will use the Khandish Charioteer rules. So, no photos with Dunlending Chariots in action at the moment. Be patient!

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