Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Warg Marauders WIP and Frankfurt am Main

   Happy new year, since this is the first post of 2017! Recently I was in Frankfurt am Main for vacations. There I visited the shop of GW and bought fourteen painted Goblin archers of Moria. At this point I would like to thank Julia, who works there, for her help!
Six Warg marauders WIP

Fourteen Goblin archers and six wargs

   I took fourteen archers and not only twelve because I was afraid of any loses while I cut their bases. Finally it was easier than I thought and I had no casualties.

The Wargs and the Goblins are ready

Twelve Goblin archers

   Though there are four different models of Goblin archers, they had only three of them at the shop. No problem, I kept four of each different model and I mixed them in couples. Then I used plaster, little rocks, sand and some dwarf weapons to base the wargs.

   Below you can see the six Warg marauders. As you can see, no couple of Goblin archers is the same. 
Warg marauder 1:

Warg marauder 2:

Warg marauder 3:

Warg marauder 4:

Warg marauder 5:

Warg marauder 6:

   And some more photos:


The GW shop in Frankfurt am Main and two good friends of mine. 

Römer, the City Hall

Alte Nikolaikirche

Römerberg (Roman mountain) historic square

Eiserner Steg

   At the above bridge there is a sign in ancient Greek language "ΠΛΕΩΝ ΕΠΙ ΟΙΝΟΠΑ ΠΟΝΤΟΝ ΕΠ ΑΛΛΟΘΡΟΟΥΣ ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΥΣ" which in modern Greek is "ΠΛΕΟΝΤΑΣ ΜΕΣ'ΤΟ ΜΕΛΑΝΟ ΠΕΛΑΓΟΣ ΜΕ ΑΛΛΟΓΛΩΣΣΟΥΣ ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΥΣ" and means more or less "Sailing into a dark sea with people of different languages".

   Tiago Fernandes Vitorino welcome onboard!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wood Elf command and Museo de la Tortura - Inquisición

   Wood Elf command is ready! Though it is old, I think is a very nice pair of miniatures.

The wood elf captain

The banner-bearer

   When we were in Santillana del Mar, we visited the Museum of Torture of Spanish Inquisition. It is a shock how cruel the human mind can be! 

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more and meanwhile have a happy new year!
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