Friday, January 19, 2018

Warriors and Riders of the Dead WIP 2

   Recently I saw some nice "Riders of the Dead" miniatures and I remembered that I had left mine unfinished. So, I decided that the time had come for them to come back on my workbench! What I have to do is to finish their painting and to give them proper bases as well. I believe it is easier to cope with both, the Warriors of the Dead and the Riders of the Dead from the point I have left them. Last time they took part in a battle was during the Arnor raid! 

The bases

Glasha did't help me at all!

   While I was looking for my Dead army I found the rest of the second-hand Orcs I had bought for the Great Rhino-beast. I will finish them too!

I tried to remove most of the paint

   I converted three of them to avoid having twice the same miniature. So, I did a heads swap for the first two and gave the third new weapons.   

Head a miniature b

Head b miniature a

Orc with a Minas Tirith spear

and a Warrior of the Dead shield!

"Hello there!"

   During Christmas vacation my eldest daughter spent some days with us and she had the opportunity to taste the local Cretan cuisine and their huge portions!

Pork steak

Happy face! She didn't manage to finish it though!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!    

Friday, January 12, 2018

Saga dog handler, dogs and some female warriors

   First of all, happy new year! Let 2018 be a great and prosperous year for all! I don't write down any plans or targets for the new year because every time I do it, I fail! So, let's see what will happen this year and if I manage to post more often.
   I have finished another point of the Irish warband, the dog handler and his dogs. Since I had only five dogs instead of seven, I added some other old miniatures I had, three ancient Celt female warriors. The dog handler is the miniature of an ancient Celt Druid as well! I know that in total they are not eight but nine warriors. Never mind, I will keep one for the next point. 

The dog handler

and the dogs

The best I could do with Tartan!

The three female warriors

   Last month I visited Brussels. I went with my wife to eat at the Amadeus, the place for ribs!   

   While we were walking at the Square des Blindés, we saw the monument of Pigeon-Soldat dedicated to the pigeons that played a significant role during the Great War. 

   That's all for today! Stay tuned for more!    

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saga Fianna and St Nicholas of Chania

   I have finished the other four Fianna warriors. This time there is a banner bearer among them. I am not so happy with the result of the flag. I didn't paint the aluminium foil white as it is recommended by the manufacturer but I stuck the flag straight to the foil. The result is a silky feel which is inappropriate for a flag of the dark ages! Anyway, now it is too late to correct it, just it is a lesson learned always to abide by the rules!

Family photo

   Three days ago it was St Nicholas day. So, my wife and me, we went for a walk at the center of Chania. There, one can see a unique church, the only one in Greece that has a bell tower and a minaret! It was built in 1320 as part of the Dominican monastery of St Nicholas. Later, during ottoman occupation it was used as barracks before it was turned to a mosque, known as Hiougar Tzamissi (The mosque of the ruler). The legend says that the sword of the Darvish, who was first to enter the city, was kept there. In 1918 it was turned to the Orthodox church of St. Nicholas and in 1950 its bell tower was built.

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!  

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saga Irish Warlord, Fianna and the Venetian harbor of Chania

   I just finished the first four Fianna warriors and their Warlord. Following the stereotypes about Irish people, I painted their clothes various shades of green and their hair brown-red auburn. The shield transfers are products of Little Big Men Studios.


Fianna warriors

   In the meanwhile here in Chania, my wife and me, we visited the old Venetian harbor of the city. The Venetian rule period (1252-1645) was followed by the Ottoman rule period (1645-1898) with a period of Egyptian domination (1831-1841). We walked along the coasts of the harbor where someone can visit the Kucuk Hasan Mosque from the period of Ottoman occupation. Kucuk Hasan was the first Ottoman commandant of the city. The Mosque is called Giali Tzamissi, which means the "Seaside Mosque" because of its place next to the sea. Today, it is used as an exhibition center. 

The Kucuk Hasan Mosque

   Then, we visited the Bastion of St.Nicholas of Molos, which is located in the center of the breakwater of the harbor. The Bastion took its name from the nearby homonym small temple. The breakwater ends at the Lighthouse. It was built by the Venetians and was reconstructed by the Egyptians, who gave it a shape of a minaret.

The Lighthouse and the Bastion of St. Nicholas of Molos 

   After such a long walk, it was time for BBQ! We grilled on charcoals a sausage more than three meters long!  

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more! 
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