Sunday, April 30, 2017

Saga Priest and Encierro de Pamplona

   A Priest is my last Saga warrior and he is the conversion of a Gripping Beasts Saxon Thegn. 

   Below you can see all the parts, which I used for the conversion. The body and the left arm come from the Saxon Thegn, the left and right hands as well as the extra sword from the CG box of Norman Infantry, the head from a GB Dark Age warrior and finally the wooden club from the short weapons pack of Warlord Games.

   First, I removed the sword from the right hand and glued the wooden club. Then I made a wooden cross from the extra sword. I mean I used the upper part of the sword and especially the grip, the guard and a part from the blade. From the grip I cut the pommel.

   I wanted a dramatic pose, something like an extended hand with the cross, that's why I cut the lower part of the hand from the elbow and below of the Saxon and replaced it with the hand of the Norman Infantry. I glued the other hand in a more relaxed position. 

   Then came the time of the green stuff to give my Priest a short fur coat in order to fill the gap of his right shoulder. 


   I painted his clothes with green and brown colors, his shoes and belts with red leather and the fur with chocolate brown and dark sand. All paints are Vallejo.

   Finally, I am posting the photos of our last stop in Pamplona during our summer vacation. My wife and me, we followed the route of the Encierro, the "Running of the Bulls", but without bulls!

The Gate from where the bulls exit for the Running

My wife in front of the Gate

San Fermín statue

The City Hall of Pamplona in the middle of the Running

The Entrance of the Plaza de Toros (Bullring)

The main Gate

   The above Entrance is the finish and the most dangerous point of the Running because it works like a funnel for the runners. The majority of the accidents every year happen here and six of the total 15 deaths since 1910  have happened at this location.

The Ernest Hemingway monument

The Hemingway Gate

The story of the Bullring

The monument of the Encierro at the city center

   Jack Sarge and Dobbyn, welcome onboard!

   That´s all for today! Stay tuned for more!
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