Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dwarf Display Box

   Dwarf Display Box is ready finally! Below you can see the painting procedure step by step. All colours are Vallejo, otherwise I mention the brand:

The final result.

The black wood putty.

The ground painted black.

Highlighted first with neutral grey.

Next with green grey.

Flat earth.

Green grey + white.

GW fortress grey.

And white.

The RCA wire for the interior light.

I added grass and stones.

I wiped whatever was not glued.

The box under daylight.

Time to celebrate!!!

The box interior light.

   In case someone is interested here you can find the sketches (made by my wife, by the way):

   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more!

Orc Archers

   Orc Archers are not exactly the toxophilites whom Ascham had in mind when he wrote his book. Their 5+ does not make them so attractive although they are cheap. Even cheaper are their cousins, the Orc Trackers. The later, on the contrary, have a 4+, so they provide a rare source of accurate archery among the Orcs. It is not neccessary to buy the original Orc Trackers miniatures, they are expensive indeed, you can just agree with your opponent that all the Orc archers he sees on the table are trackers.  In few words, a player can have 14 archers with just 70 points, and this makes it the ideal warband for an evil army. Below you can see my Orc archers, some are converted from various warriors such as Minas Tirith, Corsairs, Rohirrims, etc. 

Orc Archers as Trackers. 

The converted archers.

The archer in the middle is one of my favorite.

The same feelings for the middle one.

The original archers, plastic and metallic.

A volley-fire.

   That's it for today. I know it has been a while since my last post, but stay tuned, the box is almost ready.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dwarf Mine Workings and Mirrors

   Finally Dwarf mine workings and mirrrors are ready! Now I can focus on the Display box. I hope it will be ready soon, because my Dwarves are collecting dust already. Below you can see all the terrain pieces. 

   Red circles indicate the places where the dwarves will stand.
   Joseph Ramirez welcome on board!
   That's it for today. Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dwarf Display Box WIP (Part 2)

   What have I done so far? I used Dow Styrofoam to make the rocks, the cliffs, etc and I glued everything in the box. I used cork leaves to cover the surfaces of the styrofoam and drew the 25mm circles on them, where the miniatures will stand. I placed,  temporarily, in the box all the Dwarves to answer the crucial question... if they fit in there. Fortunately, they do fit! I will use one mine working and a couple of mirrors to decorate the box. Below you can see the progress and some photos, where the size of the mirrors is shown in comparison to the Dwarves:

The blue Dow styrofoam

The cork leaves

The mine working and all the Dwarves

And finally, the two mirrors are added

   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dwarf Display Box WIP

   The last five years my Dwarf army has been growing in numbers. All this period of time I had them secured  in transfer boxes and cases. I was jealous of my friends who have a place, closet or something to put their miniatures in. There you can watch them and enjoy, and they are protected as well. With all these in mind, I had an idea to make a display box. With the dimensions of the box fixed (l:50cm, w:30cm, h:20cm) I would be kept from buying more dwarves and on the other hand, I would have a nice place to put my army.  Furthermore, I will use some of the mine workings and mirrors to decorate it, I will paint the interior black and will glue a photo as a background. Finally, I will use cork leaves as a ground where I can make slots for the miniatures. The box has a glass cover, which is not shown here but will be on a future post. 

   Below you can see the whole Dwarf army on a serving disc, waiting for their box:

   There are four blacks to be painted and I decided to paint the eyes of the Heroes at least. 

   And the six Iron Guards Ancients painted and ready for the oncoming battles.  

   That's it for today. Enjoy!     

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dwarf Mirrors WIP

   The Dwarves used huge mirrors to reflect the light from the outside world through the mansions of Khazad-dum. Dwarves' enemies are creatures of darkness and such bright light dazzles their eyes and weakens their resolve. Below you can see four mirrors which I made of balsa wood and my wife's empty cosmetic powder cases of various firms.

   Now I have to paint the mine workings and the mirrors for a future battle between the Dwarves and what else, of course, the Goblins! 
   Stay tuned for more. Enjoy! 
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