Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moria Goblins' Bases 4

Drûzhag, The Beastcaller. (My favorite Goblin on his "King size" base)

   At last, I have based them all. Sixty six miniatures in total. I added also another old RP miniature as a Captain, that is why they are sixty six now.

The new Captain

   I have added some plaster also to the bases to join all the ruins, debris, etc. together. 

   Now I have to paint all of them! It will take a long, long time! I would like also to welcome DMS (sorry I did not do this earlier) and BizzareWarstar to this blog.
   That's it. Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moria Goblins' Bases 3

   The progress is slow but it is a fun time. At the moment, I have twenty four more Goblins to base. Eight warriors, eight archers, six prowlers and two named heroes (Drûzhag the Beastcaller and Ashrâk the Spiderkin). It is like a puzzle problem. As you know, I made the bases first (65 in total, with every 5 of them the same), so now, I have to find out which Goblin matches to which base best! It is quite time consuming but well worth the effort, I hope! 

   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moria Goblins' Bases 2

   I added some stuff to the bases, such as hooks, chains, hoops, metallic panels, skulls and broken Dwarf weapons. I plan to add some ropes and thin sand as well. At the moment, I have based two Goblin Captains and a Goblin Shaman. Below you can see what I have done so far.


The rest Goblins ready to be based.

      That's it for today. Any comment is welcome.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moria Goblins' Bases

   Only terror and death await those who travel to the lands of Moria. Dark creatures plague this land, ruled over by Goblin Warlords, Shamans and monstrous Trolls.
   Moria was the name given by the Eldar to an enormous underground complex in north-western Middle-earth, comprising a vast network of tunnels, chambers, mines and huge halls or 'mansions', that ran under and ultimately through the Misty Mountains. There, for many thousands of years, lived the Dwarf clan known as the Longbeards. The name given to Moria by the Dwarves is Khazad-Dûm, which means "Delving of the Dwarves". For over a thousand years of the Third Age it was widely known as Moria, "Black Chasm" or "Black Pit", from Sindarin mor="black" and iâ="void, abyss, pit".
   I wanted an opponent for my Dwarves. Thus, I decided to built an army of Moria. So far, I have ten heroes (a King, captains, shamans, etc) and eighty warriors/monsters (goblins, prowlers, cave trolls, spiders, wargs, etc). My newest Moria creatures are the following:

      In my mind, I imagine Moria as a dark place full with ruins and debris. That's why I tried, for the first time, to make unique decorated bases for each one of my Moria creatures. As a base material, I used cork of two different thickness (1mm and 2.5mm). Sixty five miniatures, which are the majority of the army, have 25mm bases. I started to decorate them first. Here is the result so far:

   As you can see, the first goblin warrior stands on his base! I used as Goblin King an old Ral Partha miniature. It must be twenty years old. To distinquish the King from the rest warriors I put him on a bottle cork, which I decorated with a chain and a skull. I also gave him a Dwarf shield as a trophy from previous battles. (With the King ready, I have another 63 to base!):

   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Carrying Miniatures Box

   I have the above large carrying case to store my miniatures. The problem rises every time I want to carry just a part of them for my games. Then the large case is an obstacle. Especially, if you take into consideration that I use my motorbike as a transport mean.   
   To solve this problem I made my own carrying miniatures box. I bought two foams for mattress of different thickness (0.5cm and 2cm) and of course a paper box. The box has two handles and metallic covers at the four corners. The tools I needed were scissors, a ruler, a pen, two A4 size sheets for the templates and glue. All the dimensions are in "cm" but it is not difficult to convert them to imperial system. Anyway, the dimensions of the box and all the rest are just for an advisory reason, you can use whatever box you want.
   First I drew the templates. I drew three different templates, one for infantry only, one for cavalry and one for banners, infantry and larger infantry miniatures. The dimensions for each one of them are: 
Infantry template: eighteen slots 2.3cm x 5cm. 
Cavalry template: nine slots 6.3cm x 7cm. 
Large Infantry: six slots 2.3cm x 5cm, seven slots: 3.5cm x 4.5cm, two banner slots: 3.5cm x 7.5cm and a small slot: 3.5cm x 1cm.
   Then I cut four pieces 21cm x 26cm of the 2cm thick foam and five pieces of the 0.5cm foam. I cut slots on the 2cm foams and glue the slims to the bottom of each thick ones. As for the fifth slim piece, I use it as an interior protective cover.

The foams

The templates

Infantry 2cm thick foam tray

The slots

Four 2cm and five 0.5cm foams

The four ready foam trays

The protective cover, the four trays and the box

Miniatures ready to be carried

The case and the box

   Yes it is true! My SAGA rulebook (second printing) arrived! Now I have a lot of reading to do! Stay tuned for more.
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