Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The "Cupboard of Plenty"

   Some of you, who visited this blog, may have a question: many Lord of the Rings miniatures are a decade old; so, why I collect and paint all these now (e.g. WoMT, SKoDA, etc) and how I played SBG the previous years?
   The truth is that I started to play LotR in 2007, because of a friend I met those days. He introduced the game to the rest of us and we usually gathered and played at his place. Luckily, he had everything we needed for our games. I can describe this friend of mine as a gamer - collector – painter, with these three “features” in this exact order. So, the first years I was either a Dwarf control player, or an evil side one. Dwarf warriors, rangers, heroes and Mordor orcs, morannons and Trolls were forming my armies. Afterwards, I started to buy from time to time some blisters and boxes of various races. All these I’m trying to paint now because my present time schedule permits it. In the meanwhile, I joined a couple of forums, posted some pictures (first time in 2009) and finally I decided to have my own blog. Through this blog I can post our battles, my converted miniatures and our collections. I am very glad because all of you are visiting it, view the photos I post and some are leaving messages.
   Below you can see my friend's collection back in 2007, now it is even richer! To my eye, that cupboard was the "Cupboard of Plenty". At the first opportunity I will take some photos to show you how full it is now.


   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more!


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