Thursday, December 30, 2021

Message (L' Art de la Guerre, Dead man's hand, Lord of the Rings and Bolt action)

   Hello everybody!

   The absence of any post for twelve months is a disgrace to my blog, I admit it! Though it is not an excuse, my laptop became obsolete and I had to take it out of action. The good news is that recently I acquired a new one. Let's hope that this year I will abide by my promise to upload at least one post every month. 

   This year I moved from my previous working place to another and once again I had to change house. Below you can see my new workbench and storage place.

   Nevertheless, I didn't stay idle all these months. I bought some rulebooks and miniatures.

   A good friend of mine gave me some old Lord of the Rings miniatures, so that I can breathe new life into them. He also finished the Khandish Charioteers, WIP of the four parts of which you can see in previous posts of this blog.

Various LOTR miniatures

Khandish Charioteers

   I managed to build, but not to paint, my Soviet army for the Bolt Action. I also built some terrain pieces and played with friends using unpainted miniatures more than ten times. We are still learning the rules but we really enjoy the game every time. Photos will follow in next posts.

  Although my wife and I had some issues with the new house and the moving process, our cat on the contrary, didn't need time to bed in.

   Finally, I would like to mention that last August my blog became ten years old!

   That's all for today! See you next year! Till then, stay safe!


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