Sunday, September 29, 2019

"Seize the Prize" LotR battle

   It has been a while since my last post because August and September proved to be both quite busy months. Anyway, now I am back to my workbench and I hope I will post on a regular basis form now on. I start with a post of a LotR battle, the "seize the prize" where both armies had to recover a precious item and to carry it through the enemy force to victory.

Good force (25 miniatures):
King of the Dead, 6 Dead with shield, 6 Dead with spear and shield, and a Dead banner-bearer. 
Madril and 5 Dunedains. 
Knight of the White Tower, 2 Minas Tirith warriors and 2 Minas Tirith archers. 

The Good force

Evil force (44 miniatures):
Shagrat, 8 Orcs with shield, 8 Orcs with spear and 2 Orc banner-bearers.
Gorbag and 13 Orc trackers.
Orc Shaman warg rider, 5 warg riders with shields and spears, 4 warg riders with shields and a warg rider banner-bearer.

The Evil force

The battlefield from the side of the Good force

The battlefield from the side of the Evil force

The precious item is on a 25mm base, in the middle of the battlefield

Evil force takes position

Good force takes position

The evil cavalry reached first the precious item

The Good force tried hard to recover the precious item

Unfortunately, the quantity of the Evil force 

prevailed over the quality of the Good force

Finally, the orcs surrounded the Good force and won the game.

   My blog turned 8, last month! It was 25th of August 2011 when I posted for first time! 

  In June I was in Brussels during the Ommegang, the historical reenactment of the entry of Emperor Charles V and his son Philip in Brussels in 1549.

Drinking Belgian golden blonde beer at Saint Catherine park

The famous Het Zinneke

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

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