Monday, January 20, 2014


   Some small terrain pieces are the new addition to the rest ruin collection! I used the same materials (balsa wood, hard paper, sand, rocks, etc) and followed the usual steps.

Various ruins

I broke the arc in pieces to match the rest ruins.

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ruined Tower

   This is a very old, probably 20 years old, model of a ruined tower. It is made of clay and intended for 54mm miniatures. I added two balsa wooden decks to make it proper for 28mm miniatures. Now, the brave dwarf can shoot his arrows at attackers from the embrasures in the crenelations and hide behind the merlons when the enemy shoot back at him! 
   If you click at the first photo and see all the photos in a row, you will see the brave dwarf to appear and disappear in a "magic" manner! Enjoy!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!
   Gas Ted, welcome on board! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Battle of Dale

   The other day we played the first Battle LotR of the year. The Battle of Dale. The Good forces consisted of Dwarves and Men. They tried to protect the city of Dale from the invasion of the Evil Mordor forces. For our game the objective was to hold for three turns the Goddess statue of the ruined temple in the center of the city. 
   The defending Good forces were:
1 Dwarf Captain with throwing axes
8 Iron Guards and 4 Dwarf Warriors
Drár and 12 Dwarf Rangers with longbow
Cirion and 12 Osgiliath Veterans
Boromir and 12 Warriors of Minas Tirith
   The total points of Good force: 943
   The attacking Evil was represented by:
2 Morannon Captains and 24 Morannon warriors
12 Orc Trackers
1 Troll
1 Orc Captain with shield and warg
12 Warg riders
Shagrat with shield and 17 Mordor Uruk Hai
   Totally 946 Evil points.
   The battlefield was the ruins of Dale. 

The ruins of Dale from the Evil side

The Dwarves (Left flank)

The Men (Right flank)

Morannons and Orc trackers (Right flank)

Troll (Center)

Shagrat with Mordor Uruk hai (Center)

Warg Riders (Left flank)

Boromir leads the Veterans

Morannons attack

Boromir: "Lads, they have a secret weapon, a flying ruler!" 

Veterans shooting

First duel. Boromir vs Orc Captain

"Oops! Smile, they are taking a picture of us!" 

Troll enters the ruined temple, reaches the Goddess statue challenging the Veterans. 

Boromir kills the Orc Captain

Boromir enters the temple and accepts the challenge of the Troll.

Veterans try to enter the temple

The Troll attacks Boromir

The Boromir vs Troll duel 

Boromir's fatal dice cast

In the meanwhile the Dwarves are killing Warg riders on the right

advancing towards the Evil archers

who, in their turn, are throwing arrows against the Dwarves. But in vain, of course!

On the left, the Warriors of Minas Tirith buffer the Morannons repeated attacks 

Morannons are attacking

supported by the Orc trackers

The unstoppable Boromir fights against Shagrat

and his boys!

In the pandemonium of fight 

The Rangers try to support Boromir and his lads!

Boromir next to the statue wins one fight after the other

Morannons counterattack

The Rangers win the fight 

The die indicates the first turn with the statue under the Good forces

The Evil forces face massive losses and their casualties are increasing rapidly

The end of the second turn - end of the game
Undoubted victory of the Good forces! 

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!                                                                

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