Sunday, March 15, 2015

Black Númenóreans

   Here are my newly made Black Númenóreans. I wanted to avoid the monochrome of their appearance, so I added some red. I painted GW Scab Red the leather parts of their helmets, the belts and the scabbards. Below, you can see the results:  

The whole warband

The Marshall

The banner-bearer

Black Númenóreans with spears,

with swords,

and with axe.

For the glory!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Black Númenóreans WIP

   The Black Númenóreans are men at the service of Dark Lord of Mordor for many centuries. They received immortality in exchange for their homage. On the battlefield, they form a warband of skilled fighters against who few can withstand. 
   Some years ago I bought three blisters of the metallic Black Númenóreans. I don't have all nine miniatures, but just eight, because I gave one to a friend. The new Black Númenóreans kit contains four resin cast warriors at the price of 21 euros. These warriors carry spiked swords, wear chainmail and heavy jagged armour with intricate detailing. They also wear ragged cloaks and grip monstrous metallic shields. 
To keep the cost low I decided to buy the ten "Warriors of the Dead" at 19,5 euros and convert them to Black Númenóreans. They match with the above description except for the shields, they carry wooden shields. Anyway, I have converted Warriors of Rohan to Warriors of the Dead and Riders of Rohan to Cavalry of the Dead. So my army of the Dead is complete!

The ten Black Númenóreans

The Banner-bearer and the Marshall

   I chose a miniature, the most impressive one,  to be the Marshall. I gave him a "trophy", a spare head from the Dark Age warriors and put him on a bark to distinguish himself from the rest warriors.   

The "trophy"

The bark

I used a drill to open a hole in his hand

and garden wire to hang the trophy from his hand.

I cut the trophy's braids

and used some green stuff to cover the wire

by giving him long hair.


I replaced this kind of weapon because

it reminded me this kind of "weapon"!!

A lovely new axe!

The banner-bearer

I had this "warhammer" head

I cut most of the extra horns to dis-warhammerise it

put it in a rod 

and added a flag.

It looks good, I can say!

Some green stuff for a rich mustache 

and hair!

My wife made comments about the parting of the hair


   I really think that these models will make a ferocious addition to my Mordor army.

   And for finale a nice brocheta de pollo (chicken skewer)!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!
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