Monday, November 28, 2011


   Shieldbearers are dedicated guardians of their king. Other Dwarves, inspired by them, fight on through even the direst of circumstances, determined to prove their worth in the Shieldbearers' eyes.
    Shieldbearers are Heroes with amazing values such as F=5, D=8, A=2, W=2, etc. That's why I wanted to add them to my army lines. The idea was simple, I would take two Dwarf warriors to convert them into Shieldbearers. As for their appearance, I wanted something to distinquish them from the rest Dwarves. So, I decided to use the two Werewolf shields, which I had as leftovers. These shields are so huge that one can see them from every spot of the battlefield. In any case, since they are SHIELDbearers, they must bear the proper, enormous, SHIELDS. I also armed them with the appropriate medieval weapons, a flail and a holy water sprinkler. The horned helmet's horns came from a 40K miniature, while the horsetail is the upsidedown fire of the Berserker's stick from the siege troops. The horns alignment was a real NIGHTMARE!!!! but the result is worthy, I hope.
 Here are some photos for you to see what I mean: 

     That's it for today. Enjoy!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dwarf Rangers

   Dwarf Rangers are my favorite warriors. They have always a place among my Dwarf army lines. Usually, I combine them with Drar for better results. Here you can see them man the Walls!

   And here is the Dwarf Rangers formation, which consists of three units; one unit armed with long bows, one with two-handed axes and one with throwing weapons. 

   I have not finished the Swan Knights on Foot yet. I have been working on this project more than a month now. Even a turtle moves faster than me!!!!

   That's it for today!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Iron Guard and Khazâd Guards

   Iron Guards and Khazâd Guards are the Dwarves' ''special forces''. They have such a high value of D (6 and 7 respectively) that they are almost unbeatable. They are veterans who wear terrifying metal war-masks and are equipped with the best weapons and armor. Iron Guards may have a lower D value, but we should not forget that they have 2 attacks! Here is my little force of these great warriors, a dozen of each unit. (six Iron Guards are not painted yet, so I will show them in a future post) 

   The last four are normal plastic dwarf warriors with two-handed weapons. I painted them with similar colours to match to the rest eight. I replaced also the axe carried by two of them with a double axe, the Khazâd Guards' weapon.
   That's it for today! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vrasku's boys! (The Uruk-hai Crossbowmen)

   Till today, Isengard was taking the lion's share of this blog. This is normal because Isengard army as well as Dwarves were the first two armies I built. The reason of my choice was simple. As a new player back then, I wanted warriors with high values of D and S. I wanted the ultimate warrior for my force. Someone almost immortal, armed with lethal weapons. A warrior whom the opponent had to throw a 6/4+ to kill, while he could kill just throwing a 3+. Of course this is not the spirit of the game, that's why today I have many other minies such as Orcs with bows or spears. Anyway, today I complete  the Isengard army warriors list, which I showed on one of my previous posts. All in total 150 warriors. From this list I kept for the end what I considered  the  best warriors of Saruman's force. The Uruk-hai Crossbowmen!
   Again, when I built this formation, I had in my mind to keep the cost low. So, I used just three original crossbowmen while all the others came from converted Uruk-hai pikemen and Uruk-hai siege troops. As crossbows I used Orc bows stuck on part of the pike or on balsa wood. For arrows I used the spear peaks of the ex-Rohan Riders (now Dunlending horsemen). Enough with the words, here are the photos:

      Among the warriors of the command unit I have Vrasku, a drummer, a banner-bearer, a shaman and Lurtz as a Hero:

   Some photos of various Uruk-hai crossbowmen: 

   And the final photos of the whole formation:

   That's it. Be gentle please. I consider this formation the masterpiece of my Isengard army. Enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Riders of Rohan

   Another battle to show you, with a big number of cavalrymen to dress the lines of the Good force. Obviously, we speak about Rohan. A huge cavalry force of Rohirims fights against a wide variety of evil warriors this time.

The Riders of Rohan

 Evil force

   Evil force consists of Witch-king, Khamûl the Easterling, Kataphrakts, Easterlings, Orcs, Morannons and three Trolls.

Left wing

 Centre Left

Centre Right

   Right wing

   Good force consists of Theoden, Theodred, Eowyn, Rohan Royal Guards, Riders of Rohan and Army of the Dead with their King.
Right wing




      The battle was immense and drifting but finally the evil forces took the control of the battlefield due to their numbers. Cavalry lost its advantage of fast maneuver and this forced it to gather in a limited area. Casualties were numerous for both sides.

Evil casualties

Good casualties
That's it! Enjoy!

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