Saturday, October 15, 2022

KV-1 and KV-2 Soviet Heavy Tanks

    The KV tanks were Soviet heavy tanks named after Kliment Yefremovich Voroshilov, who was a military officer and politician during the Stalin era.

   The Warlord Games plastic box set has all the parts to create one KV tank body and both turrets, one for the KV-1 and one for the KV-2. 


Kliment Voroshilov

   The KV-2 tank had a 152mm howitzer and it was developed for close support against infantry, guns and bunkers.

"For the Μotherland"


   The KV-1 tank had a 76.2mm cannon and was highly resistant to anti-tank weapons.

"For Stalin"

   The commander comes from the soviet tank crew set of Warlord Games as well. 

   The Cretan cuisine among other dishes, is famous for its roasted lamp and the stuffed vegetables. When the above are cooked in a wooden oven the result is excellent!

Lamp and potatoes

Stuffed vegetables

accompanied by Greek Feta cheese!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Soviet Siberian Veterans

    Siberian veterans were tough and battle-hardened warriors, who fought against Japan in the east and the forces of the Third Reich in the west during the WWII.   

   I followed the same painting scheme for my veterans as I did for the rest of my Soviet army. I wanted them to look as war experienced warriors, so I gave them plenty of weapons (submachine guns, light machine guns, etc.) and some German captured ones among them. 

   I used a head from the Steppe Warriors sprue of Fire Forge Games for the NCO because I wanted him to have a cruel brutal appearance! The head was bold so I put a shapka ushanka on it. I also gave him a German MP40 submachine gun as a war trophy. 

Degtyaryov light machine gun DP-28

A captured MG34 light machine gun

Panzerfaust anti-tank rockets

A variety of submachine guns

The family photo

Our cat

"I see you!"

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

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