Saturday, February 26, 2022

Bolt Action Soviet Assault Engineers

    Assault engineering brigades were formations designed to storm settlements and to break through heavily fortified enemy lines. They were referred to as "armoured infantry" due to their SN-42 steel breastplate. 

   My assault engineer squad consists of one NCO and four soldiers armed with SMGs, one soldier armed with two panzerfausts and one with a flamethrower. 

The NCO (with the moustache) and his men

   I also have an assault engineer medium machine gun team.

   I chose the green "амеба" camo for my assault engineers squad and I painted my miniatures' uniforms with a mix 50/50 of Vallejo 887 Brown Violet and 857 Golden Olive while the dark green amoebas are 896 German Camo Extra Dark Green.

Green colour No 2 of амеба camo

   Speaking of green stuff, here is a fantastic Cretan dish, which I ate recently. Zucchini flowers stuffed with rice and herbs, served with yogurt. 

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Dog Mines Anti-Tank teams

    During the WW2 the Red Army deployed anti-tank dogs to stop the advance of the German Army at the Eastern Front. The first group of these dogs and their trainers arrived at the front the summer of 1941. Though thousands of dogs were used, their efficiency remains uncertain. 

   According to the "Armies of the USSR" book of Bolt Action, each dog mines anti-tank team consists of an NCO, a private and two dogs. As an option two more privates with dogs can be added to a dog mines anti-tank team. I had the original two miniatures, the handler and the dog of Warlord Games and I added to my team three more soldiers, two dogs of "Farmer Maggot & Hounds" of Games Workshop and one dog from the Farmyard Animals box of Warlord Games.

Dog Mines Anti-Tank teams

The NCO and one of the two GW dogs

A female handler and the WG dog 

A handler and the original dog

The whole team

A family photo

   Speaking of Anti-Tank teams, recently my little godchild finished his Sherman! It looks really nice! Next step is to add its decals. 

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

More obstacles

   Five more obstacles for our WW2 games are ready! I used almost the same materials as the last time for my previous five obstacles. These materials are mdf, little rocks, sand, static grass, white glue, acrylic water based putty, red thread and some cotton buds. 

The obstacles

Cotton buds

   I tied every three cotton buds together with red thread to make an obstacle. Then I glued them on the mdf bases, where I added the putty, the little rocks and the sand.

A Soviet sailor to scale the obstacles

A squad of U.S. Pathfinders finds shelter behind an obstacle during one of our battles

   I can say that I am very pleased because the boy that my wife and I baptised, follows the hobby of wargaming. You can see him below enjoy painting the awful goblin warriors of the "Escape from Goblin Town" box.

The goblin warriors

The Goblin King

And some dwarves fighting the Balrog!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!  

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