Saturday, February 28, 2015


   Glorfindel, the Lord of the West, is a very powerful hero! He causes terror to his opponents and at the same time he is resistant to magic. His high defense and courage value (both are 7) make him the perfect leader for an elf army.

   The original GW miniatures of Glorfindel, mounted and on foot, are out of production. Since I couldn't buy it, I had to use something else as an alternative solution. In my spare parts box, I had two "The Elven king" classic 32mm scale metal Mithril miniatures and a spare plastic horse from Warlord games Pike and shotte horses sprue. So, this is what I did!

Mithril miniatures "The Elven King"

The second miniature, the dismounted one

The horse

   I had to remove the plastic reins from the horse neck and to use a metallic wire for the new. The Warlord games horses are a little bigger than the plastic GW ones. This is good, because a hero needs a tall horse to distinguish himself from the rest soldiers. I used a similar horse for the mounted miniature of Faramir

Glorfindel mounted (or better dismounted) and on foot

   I used various purple shades of Vallejo paints for his clothes, painted his horse white and added some flowers on the base. He is an elf, he must have colours and flowers around him!

Glorfindel from above

   In the meanwhile, we visited Chipiona, a small city of Andalusia. The weather that day was perfect and people walked all over the town. Almost all the restaurants with tapas were full. I tried erizos de mar. Delicious! 

Sea urchins or erizos de mar

Erizos de mar

   This period of time, in the end of February, the weather here in Andalusia is nice. We find vegetables, such as eggplants, tomatoes, etc., that in Greece we usually eat only during summertime. I grabbed the opportunity to cook  the Greek "Yemista", vegetables stuffed with pork minced meat and rice. Also delicious! 


   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Razing of High Water

   The other day, we planned to gather with three friends of mine and play a LotR battle. The scenario we chose was "The Razing of High Water" from Khazad Dum sourcebook. It is the scenario where a Dragon, some goblins and some wargs descend upon a helpless human settlement whose villagers are desperately awaiting help from their close Dwarven allies. Of course, we changed it a little bit!

The battlefield north to south

   We deployed three heroes at each side. For evil heroes we chose a Dragon, Durburz and Ashrak. The evil warriors were twelve goblins, four prowlers, four warg marauders and six venom spiders. At this point, due to the lack of the original models of marauders, we had to make the assumption that four warg riders were Marauders. Total number of points: 825. 
   The good heroes were Durin, Murin and Drar. The good warriors were ten Iron guards, eight dwarf rangers, twelve dwarf warriors, three dwarf banner-bearers and a dwarf horn-blower. Total number of points: 823.   

The battlefield south to north

   We set five objectives, the village fountain, a house, a stable, a cote and a barn. We played in pairs, two against two. At the end of the game, the players who had under their control three of the objectives were the winners.

The fountain, the first objective next to the river

From left to right, the four objectives: the cote, the house, the stable and the fountain. 

and the barn on the front left

Murin, a banner-bearer and the Iron guards

Durin, a banner-bearer, a horn-blower and the dwarf warriors

Drar, the third banner-bearer and the dwarf rangers

Durin's boys

The Dragon

Ashrak and his venom spiders 

Durburz and the goblins

The four "marauders"

the evil army

the two armies facing each other

   Unfortunately, I don't have the outcome of this battle because we never fought it. The flu hold two of the "fighters" in their beds! I keep the two army lists though, till the next time!
   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!    

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Shadow Lord

    I finished the Shadow Lord on foot miniature back in 2012 and the mounted version had been  waiting in a drawer since that same year for a better day! Now, this day has came and the mounted Shadow Lord is ready at last! I didn't paint him with the same colours as the on foot version because the final result would be too dark. So, I used some bright colours, such as medium blue for the scabbard and burnt cad. red for the bridles. Ok, I know that the on foot version, which by the way you can see here, doesn't have bridles! 


   Barbate is a very nice coastal town here in Andalusia. Barbate has two local dishes, the famous barbatella and  the Tartar de atún rojo! Barbatella is paella but instead of seafood has only tuna fish and Tartar de atún rojo is raw tuna (atún in Spanish) with avocado! Both are very delicious! Enjoy!


Tartar de atún rojo

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!   

Monday, February 2, 2015

Orc Stalkers ...... three years after!

   Back in January 2012 a friend of mine gave me a blister of Orc stalkers. I had already had six of them, as you can see here. Three years after, I managed to paint and base them. Better late than never!

Orc stalkers

   This time, I used some green stuff to add hair and beard to make them differ from my previous six.

   Below you can see two delicious paellas, the "Arroz al Señorete" (arroz means rice in Spanish) which is a paella with seafood and the "Arroz Negro" a paella cooked in cuttlefish ink.

Arroz al Señorete

Arroz Negro

   Erny and marga, welcome on board!   
   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!
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