Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Razing of High Water 2

   Recently we played another Lord of the Rings game based on the Razing of High Water scenario. Unfortunately, we did not had a Dragon! Maybe next time, we will see. The objective of the good force was to rescue the hamlet and crush the Goblins. The objective of the evil force was to sack, loot and finally hold the hamlet.

The hamlet of High Water

The dwarves

   The good force consisted of three heroes (Murin, Drar and a Captain), nine Iron Guards, twenty Dwarf Rangers and a Dwarf Ranger with a war horn. Thirty three miniatures in total. 

The Druzhag's force

   The evil force consisted of two heroes (Druzhag and a Goblin Captain), fifteen Goblins, two bat swarms, six warg marauders and four giant spiders. Twenty nine miniatures in total. 

   During the first round the evil force set an ambush to the approaching dwarves.

   On the second round the marauders moved backwards and continued to shoot while the dwarves split in three groups and advanced to the hamlet.

 The first dwarves entered the hamlet.
The other two groups were approaching


   During the third round more dwarves managed to enter the hamlet while the marauders continued to retreat and shoot. 

   On round four started the fights. The giant spiders and the marauders attacked the dwarves.

   One of the bat swarms under the spell of "Engage Beast" attacked Murin but failed to harm him. The marauders had better results against the Rangers. 

My wife

Both sides were considering their next move

   During fifth round Dwarves continued to advance, especially those in the center, where Murin and the Iron Guards were

The Ranger with the war horn behind a cover

Dwarves' advance

   On the next turn the other bat swarm attacked Murin under the same spell and this time managed to harm Murin but not to kill him.  

   On the final turn, the maradeurs killed many dwarves and after that there were no hope for the good force. As a conclusion I can say that marauders proved very strong for the Rangers. Maybe if they faced Dwarf Warriors with shields, things could be different. Furthermore, the evil force had an advantage in the "Force is broken" rule. Every time a marauder or a giant spider lost a life, they were not removed from the table till the moment they spent the third or the second life of theirs accordingly. On the contrary, since the dwarves have only one life, whenever they lost they were removed as a casualty. So, the dwarves reached  the limit for the "Force is broken" rule faster. Anyway, it was a nice game and we really enjoyed it. 

   That's all for today! Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Spearmen of the Green Clan

   Today I finished six Spearmen of the Green Clan. Three of them will be Loyal and the other three Experienced spearmen. 

Spearmen of the Green Clan

The Experienced spearmen have bigger symbol on their chests.

The Loyal have a smaller one.

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

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