Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shamanistic Priest

   This miniature is Saruman, the MC17 classic 32mm metal figure of Mithril Miniatures. I already have the Saruman model of GW and I am not interested to have another one. That 's why I painted him with dark colours as a shaman priest (looks like an Orthodox one as well, to tell you the truth). You can see him as a Holy man at "Land of the Lead" blog also.
   This miniature is a milestone for the blog as it is the first post about Saga. I hope many will follow. (Eagle eye friends can see a new style of basing also). Below you can see the priest:

   Many things happened during the last month, good and bad. Unfortunately, mostly bad! This is not an excuse though for my absence, I hope from now on to continue at the previous year pace. More than four to five posts per month!     
   That's it for today!
   Kyr Gkikas, welcome on board!

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