Tuesday, July 18, 2023


    Recently a friend of mine gave me half board of a blue styrofoam. I cut some pieces of it for my hills, which I painted and added battlefield green grass on them.

The hills

A brave Red Army soldier on top of the hill

I used two colours, grey and brown


   When the hills were not yet ready, we used them for our battle. They looked fine on the battlefield!

Germans on the left - Soviets on the right

   This is the first post after five months! I didn't post all this period but I didn't stay idle. I managed to finish my Red Army infantry squads and teams. Soon, all my vehicles will be ready as well! And from now on I will try to publish more often.

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

Monday, February 6, 2023

Soviet Light Machine Gun (LMG) Squads

   The DP-27/DP-28 was the primary light machine gun of the Red Army during WW2. It had a rate of fire of 550rpm, which was low as compared to its main wartime rivals, the German MG-34/MG-42. These German light machine guns had a rate of 800-1500rpm and because of this the German army special rule in Bolt Action allows them to fire one extra shot, five shots in total instead of four shots of the Soviet LMGs. 

   My army has two LMG squads. Each of them consists of twelve men, which are one NCO armed with submachine gun, two soldiers with LMGs, two loaders and seven riflemen. Some of the miniatures are metal of the Red Army box while the rest are plastic of the Soviet Infantry box. Both boxes are Warlord Games products.

LMG Squad "A"

The NCOs of the two squads

LMGs of Squad "A"

Squad "A"

LMG Squad "B"

LMGs of Squad "B"

Squad "B"

    My Red Army box had double miniatures of two riflemen. Also, it had another rifleman with a beard. So, in order to avoid having two couples of the same miniatures I gave to one rifleman of each couple a beard.

The original soldier with a beard

The first couple

The second

   That's all for today! Stay tuned for more!

Monday, January 16, 2023

Bolt Action Battle Report

   It must have been more than six months since the last time we had a Bolt Action battle! For this reason we decided to play with small armies of 500 points in order to recall the rules.

   We are somewhere in the eastern front. The Soviets try to free a Russian village from the Germans. The Soviet army consists of seven units while the German of five.

The village

The church

The Red Army seven units

NCO and sailors

Submachine guns squad

Officer and sniper teams

NKVD squad

The Commissar's team and the Inexperienced squad

The German officer

SS squad and MMG team

The second SS squad

and the sniper team.

   Below you can see some moments of the battle. The battle was balanced but at the end the Soviets managed to win due to their numbers and the bad luck with the dice of the "German" player. Too many 1s and 2s!

Close quarter fighting

   I am happy because as I told you, we finally managed to play after so many months. And not only this. This time we played with the entire armies consisted of painted miniatures. No grey or black soldiers!

   Next time I will publish a post about the Russian church.

   That's all for today! Stay tuned for more!

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