Sunday, July 31, 2022

Soviet Inexperienced Rifle Squad

    These are my inexperienced infantrymen for my Bolt Action games. According to the special rule "Quantity has a Quality all of its own" of the Red Army, they cost no points. So, anyone who plays Soviets can add a twelve-men squad, like this one, to his army for free.

   The above squad consists of thirteen men because some times I include the banner bearer to the squad and remove a rifleman, some others I don't. When I do, my squad takes advantage of the "Rally to the Colours!" special rule.

The squad's NCO

The banner bearer

Tank hunters with Molotov cocktails


   I gave a green tone to the uniforms of this squad to distinguish them from my rest Soviet infantrymen.

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Soviet casualties and Souda Bay War Cemetery

   In Bolt Action games there is always the need to point out somehow your army's casualties. Some people are using tokens, other - dice, and some a combination of the two. This is the case here, tokens with a socket for dice! 
   I had five Soviet casualties from Black Tree Design and wanted to use them as tokens. The five casualties came in three variants so I added helmets and weapons to differentiate them.

The tokens

   As usually, I used putty, little rocks and sand for the base. For the sockets I used matches.

A rifleman

A Guard with submachine gun

A sniper

A Guard with a captured Panzerfaust

A Siberian veteran

   It is estimated that the Soviets have suffered the highest number of casualties during WW2 with roughly 11.4 million military deaths! 

   Speaking of military deaths, recently a good friend of mine came from the States and we visited the War Cemetery of World War 2 in Souda Bay of Crete.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Soviet scout squad

    The specialised Soviet scout units of the Red Army during World War II were forerunners of the modern Spetznaz. The first days of the war, a group of experienced scouts was allocated from the First Directorate of the People's Commissariat for State Security (НКГБ) of the USSR to conduct reconnaissance and sabotage behind enemy lines.

Scout squad

Sniper and NCO

Two variants of amoeba uniform (summer and winter)

The family photo

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Saturday, April 16, 2022

More wooden fences

    Fences are very useful terrain pieces in wargames. In Bolt Action in particular, wooden fences provide soft cover to infantry squads so it is nice to have a sufficient amount of them.


   Fences are very easy to make. I used balsa wood, white glue, putty, sand and some little rocks. I made three different types of wooden fences.

Fences A

Fences B

Fences C

and our cat!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Bolt Action Soviet Mortars

   There are three different types of mortars in Bolt Action: the light, the medium and the heavy mortars. The light mortars are team weapons of two men, the medium of three and the heavy of four. If mortars are not inexperienced then they can have a spotter. Sometimes mortars can be game changers, especially the heavy ones. During world war two, Stalin called artillery and mortars the "Gods of War"! 

   I bought all three Soviet mortar models of the Warlord Games, the 50mm light mortar, the 82mm medium mortar and the 120mm heavy mortar.

The Soviet mortars

   I used pieces from the Tamiya brick wall set to give cover to my light mortar.

This is the definition of "hard cover"

50mm light mortar

82mm medium mortar

120mm heavy mortar

All three of them

The officer of the heavy mortar

   As a spotter I use the radio operator of my soviet forward observation team.

The spotter

   Lately, I finish my posts with a photo of a dish. In order to keep this tradition, please see below the photo of the Cretan beef stifado, which is beef stew with onions. Delicious! 

   That's it for today! stay tuned for more!

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