Wednesday, April 24, 2013


   Mauhúr is an Uruk-hai Captain, an instinctive, merciless and relentless hunter. His warband of Marauders are almost completely tireless, able to cover great distances at speed - once the prey is in their sights, there can be no escape. Mauhúr wears armour only across his torso, as well as armoured boots, and a short cloak. 
   The original model is very nice but is a finecast one. I have the blister of Shagrat and Gorbag, the kit where Shagrat holds the Mithril coat. I don't really like this Shagrat model version. I think it is very short for such a famous Hero! On the other hand, Shagrat War Leader model has the proper height according to my standards. So, the problem solved - I found my Mauhúr!


   I changed the Mithril cloak with a war axe and I gave him a Numenor Warrior's shield. As a named Captain, he has to distinguish among his Marauders! His height doesn't help, so I placed him on some ruins! Mauhúr now is ready for raids!

   Below you can see a Marauder, my Mauhúr (ex-Shagrat) and Shagrat War Leader!

   And of course the "family photo" of all the Uruk-hai Captains! From left to right: Ugluk, Vrasku,  a no-named Captain and Mauhúr!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!


  1. nice conversion. what is the axe from? the scale looks to fit very well with LOTR.

    1. Thank you, el zorro! The axe is a Gripping Beast medieval Russian weapon:
      the second from the left.

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  3. I too like the Gondorian shield. What better way to say "badass" than to take and use the shield of a vanquished foe. Well done!

  4. Lovely job, nice touch with the captured shield too.

  5. Great work. Looking forward to the mordor army being put on display.

  6. My friends, thank you all for your nice words!


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