Friday, April 12, 2013

Dwellers in the Dark WIP (Part 2)

   The other day I bought two models of "Gulavhar, The Terror of Arnor" for a very - very nice price! Why? Because, I wanted to convert these miniatures to "Dwellers in the Dark" and add them to my previous two, so that I will have a colony of these evil creatures at the end!   

Dwellers in the Dark

   The main idea was to keep the bodies of Gulavhar models and replace only their heads with the remaining ones of the Dwellers. A couple of skeletons, the dead warrior of the Wild Warg Chieftain set and some rocks were used to decorate the bases!

   The first step, to stick the wings on the bodies, was the most time consuming part of the assembly! The wings are very heavy and only with the help of pins they stay on their places. The heads and the hands didn't bring any problem at all. Furthermore, I tried to avoid the twin effect by differentiating the height of the two models. The Gulavhar miniature stands on a rock, so I cut one of these rocks and reduced its height by half. 

   After many hours and a lot of green stuff the two Dwellers were ready:

Dweller in the Dark A

Too many bones!

Dweller in the Dark B

The "birthday cake" base!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!
   Nathan Watt, welcome on board!


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