Friday, January 13, 2012

Gwaihir the Giant Eagle

   Gwaihir (aka Gwaihir the Windlord) was the greatest of the Great Eagles during the latter half of the Third Age. He is best known for his deeds during the events of The Hobbit and the War of the Ring. Gwaihir had keen eyesight and was the swiftest of the Great Eagles. He was large, intelligent, capable of speech and strong enough to carry a grown man. So, Gwaihir is an interesting miniature to play with.
   The other day, while I was looking for presents in a toy-shop for some friends' children, I saw a plastic eagle toy which was perfect to become a Giant Eagle! Of course I bought it immediately. First step was to put it on a GW base to match with the rest LotR miniatures. Next to put some greenstuff under the wooden stick to secure the eagle at the selected position. I also repainted and washed parts of it (feet, beak, white feathers and the wooden stick) to get rid of its original bright colours. Finally, I added some static grass and turf. With all these done the eagle-toy is ready for action as Gwaihir or just as a simple Giant Eagle! Here are the photos:

The base

The plastic eagle toy

First step

Second step

Eagle's size in comparison to a WoMT

And the final result

   That's it for today. Enjoy! 


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