Thursday, January 19, 2012

Galadhrim Banner Bearer

   The GW Galadhrim Banner Bearer miniature is not available anymore. That's why a friend of mine asked me to convert an Elf with sword to this particular miniature. I used old plastic flags and a round brass tube for this project. Below you can see the process and the result. Now it is his turn to paint it!
The Elf with his sword

The flags

The Elf without his sword

   Finally, I would like to thank Jamie and Ringwraith Chris for following this blog. A warm welcome!


  1. REALLY liking the banner bearer! The banner parts, are they from WHFB or are they from LotR as well?

  2. Llama, the banner parts are WHFB Wood Elves Glade Riders. Thank you for the comment. Sorry I was late to answer, I did not remember and I had to ask a friend.


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