Saturday, October 15, 2011

Werewolf Pack

   Finally, the werewolf pack is ready. Below you can see some before-after photos.

   The first is an archer. His body is a former Minas Tirith archer with an Orc bow.

   The second received a dwarf war axe to match with the rest LotR miniatures.

   The third werewolf "gained" a Warrior of Numenor shield, two Orc swords and a whip. Initially, I intended to make an Orc Taskmaster for his "Whip of the masters" special rule. Finally, he has become the idea of the whole formation of Werewolves. 

   The five fierce wolfhounds capable to strike fear into the enemy!

   The whole Werewolf pack in all its glory!

   Next project: Knights of Dol Amroth on Foot formation. Totally sixteen miniatures. Stay tuned! 

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