Monday, October 10, 2011

Isengard Uruk-hai Formation

   Today, lets go back to the Isengard Army Table of a previous post to see the Uruk-hai formation. The formation consists of four companies, which means thirty two miniatures. The first company is the command company and it has heroes such as Saruman, Grima, Uruk-hai Captain, Banner-Bearer and Drummer. Yes, I know that Grima is not assigned to a friendly company, but an enemy one! I included him though to the command company, just for the photo.
   In previous posts I have already showed all the formation heroes . About the warriors now. I kept some of them as they are, straight from the box. Some of them though... well, I have converted them a little. On the below photos you can see what is what!

   And the whole formation:

   During the games, I mix the warriors of the three companies for a better visual result. That's it!

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