Friday, October 28, 2011

War Mumak of Harad battle

    Another LotR battle and this time a huge one with many many points on each side! Honestly, I don't remember how many, because we played this battle a long time ago, but believe me, they were a lot. 
   First of all, the photos of  the opponent armies:
Evil army

Good army

   As for the evil side arrengement, it had the War Mumak of Harad, a Troll, Gothmog as the leader of the whole army, plenty of Orcs and Morannon Orcs, some Dunlending warriors, archers of both Dunlend and Harad and finally Haradrim warriors as the army rearguard. The evil army, right to left wing, as it is shown from the control player's eye view:
Gothmog and the Orcs





Troll and Morannons

   The good side, from right to left wing:

Legolas and Wood Elves

Celeborn and High Elves


Cirion and Minas Tirith Knights and Warriors

   And the battle begins! I had the evil forces and my plan was something like this:
Black is the first turn, carmine red the second

   I had to move fast towards the enemy army because there was a lot of archers among its lines. So, on the upper part of the table-battlefield both Troll and Morannons who had better defence values would move forward followed by the Dunlendings and the Haradrims warriors. The latter would move through the forest for better cover. The same on the lower part of the battlefield, the Mumak moved first, followed by the rest of the army.
Troll and Morannons move

The north area

Mumak attack

 Gothmog and his boys followed the Mumak
The clash began on the third turn

Cirion was waiting to face the Gothmog
   What was the result of the battle? Evil army lost. Unfortunately, Elf Sentinels with their Enchanting Song special rule managed to take under their control the Troll and they moved it and placed it in front of all the Morannons, who till that moment had been as a shield for the Troll. Then all the Elves, Wood and High, hit it hard simultaneously and the Troll died on the spot of the above map where you can see the small red x. After this, the north evil army had no hope. After the Troll's death Mumak became the target for every archer of the field. The result was a glorious death for the Mumak on the spot with the capital X. Without these two important units it was a matter of time for the evil army to be destroyed.


  1. Oh yeah, now this is great, do you paint all these yourself?

  2. None of these is mine to tell you the truth! This is one of the first battles we played, so all the miniatures belong to a friend. After that I started to collect my armies!


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