Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flói Stonehand, Loremaster of Moria

   Who is he?
   According to GW: "Flói Stonehand is the Loremaster of Moria, a prestigious position that is given only to the wisest and most experienced of Dwarves. The duty of the Loremaster is to record the battles of the Dwarves, ensuring that precious knowledge of their foes, and how to defeat them, is preserved to be used again and again".
   Why is he so valuable?
   Actually, he is a precious hero in WotR because of his Loremaster special rule. Imagine your Dwarves with a value of D8 to be vulnerable in a dice roll of just 4+, instead of 6/4+. Yes, this is what you have to deal with if your opponent decides to combine Spirit Grasp with the proper spells. Who can help you to avoid this? Floi Stonehand with his Loremaster special rule! That's why I didn't wait for GW to release this Hero's miniature but I tried to create my own. So, here is the result:

           The head, the torso and the left hand belong to a corsair of Umbar archer. The right hand comes from a spearman warrior of Minas Tirith. I cut the pointed head of the spear to make it a staff and I used some GW greenstuff to decorate it with a long thin flag. Legs belong to a Rohan rider. The coat and the long hair are also greenstuff. Finally, the book is the ammunition pouch of Perry Rifleman which was a free gift of WI 260 June '09. That's it.
   I can say, I'm proud of the result. Ofcourse, if you compare it to the original Floi miniature, which GW has released, mine loses in appeareance! But he does what I'm expecting him to do: the Loremaster special rule!


  1. Well you can be pround of it.
    I was about to ask the name of the manufacturer, before I realize you are...
    Great stuff.


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