Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

   Dramatic Katastases is two years old! Within the last twelve months there are 31 more followers, unfortunately just 54 more posts but around 30.000 more pageviews!  

   Although the last few months I was not prolific at all, the blog kept its pace! Many people visited it and some of them left comments! I want to thank you all!
   Let's hope that during the third year I will be industrious enough to reach a higher post number but above all to play, convert, paint and have fun! 

   In the meanwhile, summer vacations are over! Like all the previous years, we went to Schinos, a small village close to Athens. We have parked a caravan in a Camping there! It is nice! 

My wife is swimming

Me resting!

   That's it! Back to everyday life now! 


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