Thursday, July 19, 2012

Widowmaker's boys!

   Another warband of Orc warriors is ready for action. The leader of this group is the Widowmaker, conversion of a non-GW miniature. Most of the warriors are conversions as well. The  warband consists of a taskmaster, a drummer, a shaman, a banner-bearer and some swordsmen and spearmen. Among the warriors, there are some old Ral Partha miniatures. Below you can see them and first of all, the Widowmaker. I have already explained how I converted him here.

The Widowmaker

   The Widowmaker grabs the poor Warrior of Minas Tirith by his hair. Of course, the hair is made of greenstuff and the bare head belonged to a Corsair. It would be impossible to depict what I wanted with a head covered with Minas Tirith helmet. 

   The banner-bearer and the sceleton are old Ral Partha miniatures. I found the idea to decorate the flagpole with a sceleton torso on a photo of a Wargames Illustrated issue. This photo shows the miniature of a German banner-bearer of the Teutoburg Forest battle in 9AD. The flag is the usual aluminium foil.

The Banner-bearer

The Taskmaster

   The Shaman's body belonged to the third Werewolf, the one which now has a Warrior of Minas Tirith body. The Shaman's head is Lurtz's who is now an  Uruk-hai Shaman. The trophy head comes from the plastic Troll set and the staff is a Ral Partha ancient Egyptian banner.

The Shaman

The drummer

   All of the following miniatures are conversions, except for the middle one of the first photo, which is another Ral Partha miniature.  

Orc warriors with hand weapons and shields

The other three

Orcs with spears

The other three

Ral Partha Orcs

   And finally, a named Orc hero, Golfimbul.

   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more!


  1. These are some cool conversions, very original, i really like the orc with morning star

  2. You certainly excel at conversion work!

  3. Nice work mate!
    (Αν και δεν είναι η φαντασία το φόρτε μου, όταν βλέπω καλή δουλειά οφείλω να την αναγνωρίσω). :)

  4. Thank you all for your warm words! Helps me to go on!

  5. Really nice figs. I like that fig with the whip, you don't see that to often.


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