Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Warg Riders (The Brown Pack 1)

   The fourth and final pack is the brown one. Five warg riders, three of them are conversions. One Captain, one Kettledrummer and one Banner-bearer are converted by using different parts of various miniatures. Below you can see two warriors and the Kettledrummer.

   The torso and the right arm come from an orc miniature like the one below, the left arm comes from a warg rider archer (he is the banner-bearer now), the drumsticks are paper clips, the drums are pen lids and the drums skin is aluminium foil. 

The "Drummer"

The "kettledrum"

Another Esci WWII 1/72 traffic sign shield

   That's it. Stay tuned for more!
   Maxamillian Walker and Alfons Canovas, welcome to my blog!


  1. Nice conversions, interesting use of everyday items. Gives me ideas... :p

  2. very nice conversions, your resourcefulness is inspiring. great to see these kind of items being used so effectively.

    1. BizzareWarstar, thank you very much for your words.


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