Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Khandish Charioteers WIP (Part 4)

   The construction of the chariots is ready! Below you can see all three of them and the king's base as well. I forgot to mention that the whole project is a present for a friend. I have finished my part of the job and now it is his turn to prime and paint them.

The King's chariot

The King and his Variags

   I made an alternative 25mm base for the King because I had only one miniature of him. I used cork to give the base some height for the King to be able to stand  on it with the paper clips underneath his soles. I drew red marks for his feet, the rest base will be  covered with mulliput. He is not glued on his chariot, so it is possible to set him on both, the chariot and the base. This way he can lead not only his chariots but his infantry as well.  

The King on his chariot

The King on foot

   Though the King's chariot is glued to its base I decided to secure it even better in order not to have problems with pulling him out. I used thin metallic wires to fasten the pole to the yoke and the wheels to the base. Now I can be sure that the chariot will stay at its place.

   The last thing I did was smoothening of the annoying "step" between the horses' bases and the plastic ones with the help of mulliput. 

   That's it for today! Enjoy!


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