Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Khandish Charioteers WIP (Part 2)

   The three chariots start to take shape. I did a few changes to the initial plan, for example, I did not use the 35mm film plastic tube, nor the balsa wood. I took some photos and I will try to explain step by step what I have done so far. Below you can see the chariots as they are at the moment:

   Let's start. When I placed the mongol horses on the GW bases, a problem occured. Bases of one of the two types of horses extended from the round GW base. To face this problem I had to cut the metallic bases, which I did and now only the front foot of these horses extends. The result is not bad at all, I think.  

   As I have already said, I did not use the film tube. Instead, I used a couple of plastic gum boxes. These boxes became the chariots. I cut the box 1cm from the bottom and then I split it into two halves. 

   I used another plastic gum box for the king's chariot. This one I cut 2cm from the bottom and because I needed just one chariot this time, the vertical cut was not exactly in the middle. So the king's chariot is a little bit longer than the previous two.  

   Then I drilled holes on the chariot frames to place the axes. The axes are paper clips which I cut at proper size, around 3cm.

The paper clip

   When I glued them, I had to place them at proper height, for the wheels to be glued at the right position. I used a couple of tools as supports for that reason.    

Various objects to decorate the chariots

   I used three metallic rods for the chariot poles, which I decorated with halberds' tops. I will not make yokes but I will place the poles at the right height by using some pins. 

King's and Variags' chariots

   Finally, I cut the bases from the three warrior miniatures, drilled holes on their feet  and placed pins. Pins will keep the warriors stand inside the chariots. I will make an extra infantry base for the king because I have only one such miniature. So, I will not glue him on the chariot to be easily removed and put on a 25mm base.     

   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more.


  1. Interesting WIP. Nice blog and cool ideas ;)

  2. Very nice scratchbuilding - clever use of the gum containers!

  3. This is really clever stuff !!!! The chariots are going to be awesome!!!!

  4. Maxamillian Walker, Scott and DMS, thank you very much for your nice words!


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