Tuesday, February 4, 2014

King's Hunter of Rohan

   The last months I read many complains about the prices of GW around blogosphere. Most of them are related to the prices of the new Hobbit miniatures. In my opinion, the things are so simple that there is no reason to complain. Whenever I cannot afford to buy something expensive I just convert something cheap to it. It is a solution! Buy cheap plastic miniatures and convert them! The next posts will be devoted to such conversions! 
   The first of these posts is the King's hunter of Rohan. The original box set of four miniatures costs 36 euro here in Athens. The miniatures are very nice. Whoever can afford to pay 9 euro for a miniature must buy one of these boxes, I believe. I cannot, so I took a plastic archer, replaced his head and here he is:  

King's hunter

   I used a bald head from GB Dark Age warriors for understandable reasons! I placed the hunter on a rock to distinguish him from the rest warriors. Some green stuff for the hair and the hunter is ready for action! That's all I have done! Enjoy!

A Rohan archer and a GB DAW head.


   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!     


  1. Most excellent! You're right with the prices you just need to buy them second hand or convert them yourself. I just bought +300 goblins, Durbuz, goblin drum and four cave trolls from a kind lad on a forum for only €65 including shipping. The goblins alone would have cost me €500 from GW.

  2. Very effective, it works very well and easy to do!

  3. Great work. I too am an advocate for using plastics for basing conversions. Although my King's Huntsman was made out an old Theoden!

    1. Same spirit but yours is even better, metallic and higher as a true hero must be!

  4. Simple and sweet conversion - nice one!


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