Friday, April 24, 2020

Men at arms of Dol Amroth

   Dol Amroth has the best warriors, in my humble opinion. Among them are the Men at arms, a force of standing soldiery. I wanted this kind of warriors for my games but the original miniatures of GW are made of resin, which, to tell you the truth, I don't really like. So, I found the Wars of Religion pikemen of WG metal miniatures that are really nice and have a more affordable price and I bought two blisters.
   I had two unpainted miniatures of Forlong the Fat, the lord of Lossarnach. I chose him to be a no-name captain of my Men at Arms because Forlong wears a fabric baldric around his waist, which matches with the fabric baldrics over the breastplates of the pikemen. I just changed Forlong's spear with a long pike, which had a pennant at its end and my Captain was ready! 

Men at Arms

Forlong as a MAA Captain

The family photo

   That's it for today! Stay safe, stay at home and stay tuned for more!  

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