Friday, January 12, 2018

Saga dog handler, dogs and some female warriors

   First of all, happy new year! Let 2018 be a great and prosperous year for all! I don't write down any plans or targets for the new year because every time I do it, I fail! So, let's see what will happen this year and if I manage to post more often.
   I have finished another point of the Irish warband, the dog handler and his dogs. Since I had only five dogs instead of seven, I added some other old miniatures I had, three ancient Celt female warriors. The dog handler is the miniature of an ancient Celt Druid as well! I know that in total they are not eight but nine warriors. Never mind, I will keep one for the next point. 

The dog handler

and the dogs

The best I could do with Tartan!

The three female warriors

   Last month I visited Brussels. I went with my wife to eat at the Amadeus, the place for ribs!   

   While we were walking at the Square des Blindés, we saw the monument of Pigeon-Soldat dedicated to the pigeons that played a significant role during the Great War. 

   That's all for today! Stay tuned for more!    


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