Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Scots Warlord and Lake Kournas

   My Scots have a warlord, a fearless warrior who brings death to his enemies! OK, it is just a Gripping beast miniature. And the dead Norman comes from the box of the Conquest games plastic medieval archers. As he will be the leader of my Scots I gave him a nice vignette base.

   In the meanwhile, my wife and me, we continue our excursions around Crete island. This time we visited the Lake Kournas. It is Crete's only freshwater lake and is located 47 km from the town of Chania. There are plenty of taverns, souvenir shops and water sports rental spots near the lake. Some brave swimmers still enjoy the lake though it is November!

Stand Up Paddle water sport

My wife

Nice color field grass

Two geese among "Mordor" trees

Colorful souvenirs from clay  

"Antikristo" a way of cooking lamps that dates from the time of Homer. 

The famous "apaki", smoked pork filet meat 

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!


  1. What a great stand! Lovely work Sir.

  2. Your Scots have a warlord, a fierless and beautiful warlord...I'm sure the man at his feet agree with me, he is VERY impressive!


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