Saturday, November 24, 2012

Moria Display Box WIP (Part 2)

   The interior of the display box is almost ready. I set every "rock", "cliff", etc in order, so that all evil creatures of my Moria army have their places. To tell you the truth, this was the hard job to  do. The materials, which I use, are the same with that of the dwarf box. They are real tiny stones, balsa wood, plaster for modeling and hobby, wood putty, DOW insulation foam, cork sheets and white foam super market tray packs!!!
   I will use the remaining dwarf mine workings and the two mirrors  as well as a few Ziterdes terrain pieces as Moria scenery to decorate the box. Below you can see what I have done so far:

The box as it is at the moment

The box without the terrain pieces

The upper left corner

The upper right corner

The lower left corner

And the lower right corner.

   I found some photos of Moria on the internet and I used them as a background. Two of the photo scenes depict cliffs, bridges, etc and have light beams so I stuck them on the upper part of the box, while the other two depict some Dwarf statues, so I thought that they are proper for the deep lower part. Below you can see what goes where:  

The Wargs' corner

   Ok, I know that Wargs were not living in Moria, but I had to put them somewhere. So, I placed them close to the "entrance". 

Bats' place

Goblins' corner

Dweller's corner or "Karyatis" corner as my wife says

Trolls' and goblins' place. Guess, where the drum-trio goes!

Spiders' and swarm's corner.

   Next thing I have to do is to cover all the walls with wood putty and to pour some plaster on the tiny stones to make them look natural.
   I will tell you a "common secret" now. Next time you will go to super market to buy vegetables or fruit keep their trays. You can cut the edges and keep the even surface, which you can use later as a "stone wall". The only thing you have to do is to draw with a pen the stones on it and that's it! The walls of the Dweller's corner and the path to the Statue of Seer are of this material.    

white foam super market tray pack

   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more Moria! 


  1. Holy kanowly! When did I miss part one?!

  2. This is going to look way cool when finished!

  3. Hi there,

    Since I am a true admirer of your porjects and progress I have awarded you with the "Liebster Blog Award"

    Please see the details here:

    And feel free to go on if you like to.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you very much for the award but most of all for your words! I'll do my best not to disappoint you.

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