Monday, November 5, 2012

Giant Bats!

   Giant bats are vicious, evil beasts that hunger for blood! They have two special rules, "Fly" and "Blinding swarm", both useful for a Moria force full with small Goblin warriors. I have two such swarms, which are a nice touch to my army. I painted them based on the photos I found on the internet, brown bodies and dark-grey wings. I added some dwarfish gear to their bases to make them somehow attractive and to avoid the "twin" effect. To achieve the later, I assigned the rear side of one miniature to be its front by placing the two-handed axe there, while the other one has the shield on its front. Here are the photos:

My inspiration

Front side

Rear side

Another inspiration

Front side

Rear side

and another one!

   That's it for today. Stay tuned!
   Warmaster 115511, welcome onboard!


  1. Great job Sir, love the colour palette which is so much more imaginative than the usual black you often see.

  2. Nice job, cute critters ;-) - I do like their maneuverability in the game, combined with their bat swarm effect in combat, and the number of hits they can take before they are 'dispersed'. A very useful unit to take.

    1. Thank you, Scott! They are very useful indeed. I saw they helped you to win your "High Ground" game! :)

  3. Truly good job on those. The idea of assigning a front side to avoid the twin effect works totally. I didn't realize it was the same model at first.
    Somehow the colours you have used, remind me of what I have seen on this manufacturer website:
    I am confident you'll love their minis, if you don't know them already ;-)

  4. Thank you, Ni.Tchirititch. I did not know them, to tell you the truth. You are right, they have very nice miniatures.


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