Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cirion's boys! WIP

   Cirion is ready! Now, he has to wait for his warband. I did the first stage of the project so far. I converted some Minas Tirith warriors to Osgiliath Veterans. I used various heads, hands, weapons, etc from different companies such as Perry, Warlords and GB. 
    I am planning to leave for a week for summer vacations, so Cirion has to wait a little, I am afraid! When I am back, I will post the conversion procedure step by step for each one of the Veterans. Till then you can see some photos of them as they are now.

A "family" photo


Veterans with spears

Veterans with bows

And Veterans with hand weapons

   That's it for today. See you in a week! 
   Blackwarden, welcome aboard!


  1. Great work on Cirion and those conversions behind him look wonderful. Have a great break.

  2. Very individual figures! Have a nice holiday


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