Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Warg Riders (The Grey Pack)

   The Warg Riders are ready at last! Below you can see the first of the four packs, the Greys. There is only one hero among them, a Taskmaster. This Taskmaster is Golfimbul, from whom I removed the mace. I gave him a whip made of greenstuff and a sword in a scabbard (an orc quiver), as well. I used the miniature of Golfimbul on foot as a conversion of a banner-bearer for my Dunlending Warriors Army. One of the Warg Riders is a previous archer, from whom I removed the hand with the bow and gave the hand of an Uruk-hai of the siege troops. As you can see, every one has a shield, the four of them are original GW shields, while the fifth is an Esci 1/72 WWII traffic sign to which I gave a "metallic" edge of greenstuff. The grey colour is Vallejo Black Grey as the base colour, washed with The Army Painter Dark Tone and highlighted with Vallejo Green Grey. The mane is highlighted with GW Bleached Bone. So, here they are:

The Taskmaster

The "traffic sign" shield

The ex-archer

   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more Wargs!

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