Friday, March 2, 2012

Gondor in Flames!

   Some months ago we played a "Gondor in Flames" scenario LotR battle with a lot of points at both sides, Evil and Good. The game lasted ten turns. The objective was simple. There were five red markers in the town. A player who had three or more markers at his possession at the end of the tenth turn, was the winner! To possess a marker means to have at least one warrior always placed next to it. All the Gondor buildings are home-made and I will post them in the future. Below you can see the photos of the battle. I had the Evil force and, unfortunately, I lost!


The Evil Force

The Good Force

Gothmog and his Morannons


Nazgul and another Troll


Guards of the Fountain Court and Madril's Rangers

Boromir and his Knights

Cirion and his Warriors

Evil force is moving

Good force is moving

The clash

Fight for the marker

Nazgul and Trolls killed many men

The fight was tremendous!

Archers killed many Orcs

"The marker is ours"

Nazgul vs Knights

Ten-turn Game over! Count your markers!

   At the end of the tenth turn I had only two markers in my possession! So, I lost. Anyway, better luck next time!
   I would like to welcome marios prosalentis and The Antipope. Thanks for following this blog.
   That's it. Stay tuned for more! 

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