Monday, December 3, 2018

The Sacking of Osgiliath

   After a long time we had the opportunity to play a Lord of the Rings battle. We chose as the scenario for our battle "The sacking of Osgiliath" from Mordor rulebook. 
   The good force consisted of: Faramir, Damrod, Madril, twelve rangers (four with spears), a Captain of Minas Tirith, twenty five warriors of Minas Tirith (eight with swords, eight with spears, eight with bows and one with banner) and nine Osgiliath veterans (three with swords, three with spears and three with bows). Fifty miniatures in total. 
   The evil force consisted of: Gothmog, two Morannon Captains (one with sword and the other with two-handed weapon), twenty four Morannon orcs (twelve with swords and the rest with spears), one Mordor troll drummer, a winged Nazgul (due to lack of a winged Nazgul I used Gulavhar, the terror of Arnor. That was not the only case I used a miniature I had, instead of the original one) and nine Morgul stalkers. Thirty eight miniatures in total.   
   Three objectives: Faramir (obj1), the landing zone (obj2) and the tower (obj3) in the middle of the battlefield.

The battlefield from the evil side

The battlefield from the good side. The tower (obj3) is in the middle.

The battlefield from above. The landing zone (obj2) is on the right.

First Morannon orcs warband

Gothmog and the second Morannon orcs warband
The Mordor troll (we assigned him a drummer)

The third Morannon orcs warband

"Nazgul" and the Morgul stalkers ( they could enter the battlefield from any side

and at the beginning of any turn)

Captain of Minas Tirith, banner bearer and warriors

Madril and Minas Tirith bowmen

"Damrod" and the Osgiliath veterans

Faramir and the rangers
Minas Tirith spearmen

"And the battle begins!"

After some casualties the evil right flank had the first contact with the enemy 

and overwhelmed them.

On the contrary, the left evil flank had troubles!

 On the top of the tower Faramir was exposed only to the winged Nazgul.

The Morgul stalkers entered the battlefield. 

The Osgiliath veterans appeared in a dramatic situation.

The winged Nazgul used spells to hit Faramir.

The Morannons of the left flank suffered heavy casualties.

The Osgiliath veterans suffered the same.

The winged Nazgul killed Faramir.

   When Faramir died, the Nazgul had no problem to kill the rest rangers on the top of the tower and to gain that objective as well. Both armies were broken and took Courage tests. The Mordor troll drummer played an important role during these tests with the special rule: +1 for the Orcs, -1 for the good warriors. As a result Madril and Damrod fled the battle! Outrageous!
   The game was over. The sacking of Osgiliath started!
   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more! I hope it won't take so long this time!   

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