Friday, December 2, 2011

Dwarves vs Goblins. A War of the Ring Battle.

   Another battle between the Good and the Evil. Dwarves against Goblins. Many heroes dressed the lines on both sides; evil creatures and a Dragon also took part in the battle.
   Good force consisted of a Swan Knights of Dol Amroth formation of four companies as allies, a King’s Champion, a Dwarf Rangers formation of four companies with Drar as a Hero, a Dwarf Warriors formation of five companies with Dain as a Hero, a Captain, a Banner-bearer, a Drummer and a Shieldbearer, a Dwarf Balista formation of two balistae, a Dwarf Archers formation of only one company, another one Dwarf Archers formation of two companies and finally, a Khazad Guards formation of four companies with Durin and  Mardin as Heroes, a Banner-bearer and a Trumpeteer.   
   Evil force consisted of an Orc formation with a Captain, a Banner-bearer and a Drummer, two Cave Trolls (one with a Hammer, one with a Spear), a Dragon, Buhrdur, a Goblin Archers formation of two companies, a Goblin Warriors formation with Durburz, the Goblin King of Moria as a Hero, a Captain, a Shaman and the Drums of Moria, an Orc Archers formation of two companies, two Spider Queens and finally, a Giant Spiders formation of five companies.
   Dwarves held their lines. They did not move at all. They started and finished the battle at the same point. They worked as a breakwater, where the attack waves of Evil creatures broke. Here are the photos of the battle:

   That's it. Enjoy!

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